Introducing the Diamond Dust produce line!

Illusions Spa has developed this phenomenal line of products called Diamond Dust. These products are available only at Illusions Spa and feature an incredible Body Scrub, Eye Serum and Hair Serum. These products are all natural, organic, and gluten free.

Long ago in what are now high desert plains in the western North America, Native Americans found a mineral rich salt deposit from an ancient sea bed. This salt deposit is rich with more than 60 trace minerals and is obtained without the use of additives, chemicals or heat processing. This natural occurring “sweet salt” combined with the healing oil from “The Miracle Tree” Moringa form the foundation of Diamond Dust Scrub.

In the tropical environment of south Florida Diamond Dust Scrub was created as a result of long search for a superior body scrub that was all natural. It contained exotic tropical oils and fragrances that are combined to form a luxurious body scrub treatment that not only exfoliates your skin but leaves a silky smooth feeling that lasts long after you have used it. Diamond Dust Scrub is an all natural organic product that is Gluten Free.

This scrub has received reviews from happy customers all over the United States and one comment we hear repeated again and again is that this scrub is the best they have ever used! Our customers keep coming back for more.
One client said that she always had problems with callouses on her feet but after using Diamond Dust Scrub only once, the person that always gave her a pedicure noticed that her feet had completely changes and the calloused areas were gone. Others have commented that when they have used the product on their legs and thigh areas the appearance of cellulite has greatly diminished. Customers from New York City to Chicago have told us that their skin has never felt silkier.

We are getting similar reviews on our Eye Serum and Hair Serum. Try them and you will experience what others are saying…..they simply are the best!! Try this product and you will discover, as many customers have, that you will never want to be without it!